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Ocotillo Wells Landmark "My Deseret Rose" Destroyed by Fire. The area community feels the loss.

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Ocotillo Wells lies along State Route 78 (SR78) in San Diego County 15 miles south of Borrego Springs and three miles west of the Imperial County line. This area is famous for off road riding. The State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation operates the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicle Recreation Area where riders of all skill levels have room to roam. A wide variety of off road vehicles can be operated within the park. The area is also home to the Ocotilo Wells County Airport which offers two dirt runways and wide open areas. There is free camping available at numerous locations along State Route 78. This site provides information and links about the community, services, events and fun.

Before and after pictures of Ocotillo Wells/Borrego Springs favorite hang out
"My Deseret Rose" Restaurant before and after fire pictures

The area has been deeply saddened and impacted by the loss of the "My Deseret Rose" Restraurant due to a recent fire. The spot was visited by locals and out of town off-roaders who could ride up to the doors for a hot meal or cold drink nomatter if they were inbetween their fun or at the end of their day.

Those who have spent weekends and holidays riding in the area know what a convience it was to not have to pack everything needed for meals, to have a clean, sand free area to eat and to have someone else prepare food when you have been riding all day.

The family owned business would like to rebuild if possible. Those who have visited the area wishing to help the owners get back on their feet and try to recover from this disaster can contribute by sending a check donations to: My Deseret Rose, P.O. Box 1531 Borrego Springs, CA 92004

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